Fourth Brigade - JROTC


JSOCC 504-17

Hickory, NC

20 Jul 17 - 24 Jul 17




JSOCC 504-17


Initial Workshop Memo General guidance, lodging information and straw-man agenda.
Online Attendance Form Attendance form & instructional requests.  Complete ASAP.

Presentation Slides

Some of the slide deck files are very large.  Recommend downloading the files to your computer over a high speed internet access and then viewing them.

Chief's Presentation  (1 MB) Basic CM  (3.9 MB)
JPA Presentations  (2 MB) Advanced CM  (14.7 MB file size)
JPA Portfolios  (21.9 MB file size) Basic JUMS  (13.7 MB file size)
Logistics  (6 MB file size) Advanced JUMS  (14.3 MB file size)
Procurement  (2.5 MB) JUMS 4.10 Training  (3.9 MB)
Instructor Management  (2.6 MB) Effective Teaching  (1.2 MB)

*IMPORTANT* Because of some browser and network limitations, some files will not successfully open on-line.  If the file does not open readily in your browser, save the file to your PC.  In Internet Explorer, RIGHT CLICK on the file you wish to save and select Save Target As.  In Netscape, RIGHT CLICK on the file you wish to save and select Save Link As.  After the file has downloaded, you may view it off-line.

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