Fourth Brigade JROTC

 Staff Directory



2175 Reilly Road, STOP A

Ft. Bragg, NC  28310-5000


Area Code:  910          DSN: 236

Fax:  (910) 396-3854


Position Name Functional Areas Phone Blackberry

JROTC Div Chief

Mr. John Sovine

Budget, Automation Management, SIRs, etc.

 396-4066      354-0640
Sr Ed & Tng Tech Mr. Chuck Perry

All personnel and training actions, Project Mgmt, Budget, Instructor Training Conference, JCLC, Other tasks as required

396-8606 354-0696
Sr Ed & Tng Tech Mr. George James

Chief Planner for all Cadet & Cadre Training Actions, JCLC, SIRs, Budget, Automation and Other tasks as required.

396-8706  354-0665

Ed & Tng Tech


Brigade Competitions: Drill, Raider, Marksmanship, JLAB, Essay & Risk Assessments

Ed & Tng Tech Mr. Robert Dawson Tokens, Curriculum Managers, Automation tasks, 396-4277 729-4085

Tng & Ed  Tech

Mrs. Sylvia Greene

Laundry bills via GPC, Awards, Weight Control, Pubs Accounts

432-4499     551-5875
Ed & Tng Tech Mr. Art James

All Instructor Management Actions, Probation/Decertification, Weight Control, Photos, Return to Duty Physicals, Instructor Vacancies

643-6588 286-1439

Ed & Tng Tech

Mr. Erik Shay

JSOCC, JSOCC-DL, Range Inspections, Reports

643-4346    354-0701

 Logistics Specialist

Mrs. Lynn Davis Supply Inspections, Reports of Survey, GPC, Supply Discipline, etc. 643-6397    587-7451

 Logistics Specialist

Mr. Anthony Ross

Supply Inspections, Reports of Survey, GPC, Supply Discipline, etc. 396-6085 583-6600

Last Update - 05 August 2015