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Event Date Posted Event/Publication Date Remarks
Rappel Training Videos 16 Apr 15 N/A 4 Instructional training videos on rappel operations.

Information Assurance Training - Initial and Renewal

16 Apr 15 N/A Initial and renewal training. 
Services Rendered Memo Example 30 Mar 15 30 Mar 15 Required for all services in order to remit payment.
Manchester HS Raider Challenge 30 Mar 15 18 Apr 15 LOI and registration information. (Midlothian, VA)
Junior/Senior Affiliation SOP 17 Mar 15 17 Mar 15 Addresses affiliation between JROTC & SROTC programs assigned to the 4th Bde.
Odds & Ends #35 12 Mar 15 11 Mar 15 Periodic information pertinent to the daily operations of JROTC units.

JSOCC 504-14 Hotel Reservations

10 Mar 15 S:  1 Apr 15 Online hotel reservations for JSOCC 504-15 summer training

Essay Contest - Top Three

10 Mar 15 Mar 15 Top 3 finishers for the Annual Essay Contest
New SIR Format 22 Feb 15 Feb 15 Use for all future SIR submissions.
4th Brigade Instructor Summer Training, JSOCC 504-15 30 Jan 15 2-6 Aug 15 Online attendance form.
4th Brigade Best of the Best Marksmanship Results for 2014 16 Dec 14 13 Dec 2014 Results for Top 5 Team, Overall Individual & New Shooter
Bde Commander Photo in ASUs 15 Nov 14 N/A Command Photo - COL Lawrence A. Anyanwu
Bde CSM Photo in ASUs 15 Nov 14 N/A Command Photo - CSM Darrin A. Kinder
Chain of Command Photos 15 Nov 14 N/A Chain of Command Photos Above Brigade Level.
4th Brigade BOB/National Marksmanship Info Paper 18 Oct 14 N/A BOB and National Marksmanship Championship Process
Army Publications Directorate 18 Oct 14 N/A New DA Forms - PDF Format
Basic Drill and Ceremony Videos 18 Oct 14 N/A Ft. Jackson Basic Drill & Ceremony Videos
4th Brigade Ropes SOP 1 Oct 14 1 Aug 14 Ropes Course SOP
4th Brigade Marksmanship SOP 30 Sep 14 1 Oct 14 Bde Marksmanship
Rappel Tower Inspection Checklist 12 Sep 14 2014 Annual Inspection Checklist
4th Bde Best of the Best Ann Plan SY 14/15 7 Sep 14 1 Sep 14 Brigade Best of the Best Plan for SY14/15 - Updated as of Sep 14
National Standard Three Position Air Rifle Rules Summary 7 Sep 14 1 Sep 14 Summary of changes to three position air rifle rules.
National Standard Three Position Air Rifle Rules 7 Sep 14 1 Sep 14 Complete three position air rifle rules.
JROTC & NDCC Unit Establishment Orders 26 Jul 14 N/A General orders establishing JROTC & NDCC Units.

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